TM Teacher Training

It’s a well-known principle of life that the more you give the more you will receive. Nowhere is this more profoundly and quickly experienced than by becoming a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Maharishi assured us, and it has probably been every teacher’s experience, that teaching TM is by far the most powerful and evolutionary path in TM.

Please note: this page describes the process of training to teach Transcendental Meditation. The very first stage is to learn TM, if you have not already done so, by attending one of our courses over 3 or 4 days either in London or on retreat

However if you have already learned TM, have been practicing regularly for at least a year and attended many retreats and advanced courses, then you might wish to consider training as a teacher so that you can pass on this life changing knowledge to others.

You will experience great joy as most new meditators leave you after just a single day’s instruction, looking and sounding noticeably elevated and happy – even ecstatic – from the experience. The delight will continue as you see your new extended family of meditators (many becoming very good friends) flourish with beauty and variety as their lives improve in every conceivable way.
An even greater blessing for you on the personal level is the fact that the procedure of teaching itself is designed to engender higher states of consciousness in the teacher, elevating both your life and your teaching to maximum effectiveness. Thus, you will experience continuing growth in all aspects of your life and teaching, especially if you teach full-time and follow the Trust’s guidelines for continuing professional development (CPD). On top of this, the process of training itself is an unforgettably enjoyable and life-changing experience, especially the 3 month residential retreat, which those who have completed the Siddhi Course will have no difficulty in imagining and qualified teachers look back on with great nostalgia!

The Teacher Training Course (TTC)

The Course is in three stages:
NOTICE For the time being The Meditation Trust will not be running any more Teacher Training Courses (TTC). Our focus for at least 3 years is going to be on other exciting areas for expansion for Maharishi’s revolutionary teachings of Transcendental Meditation. However you can contact us for our recommendations of courses, and for us to support you in your development in preparation to attend a training course.

  1. Preparation (the longer the better – start as soon as possible – see below)
  2. Residential Training (3 months Retreat)
  3.  Support and guidance, if you join our team of teachers, by the Trust’s office and senior teachers to ensure Continuing Professional Development.

Aspiring course participants will need to:

  • Join the Trust, if not already a member (i.e. learned TM with the Trust).(Cost £160 including TM Refresher Course (normally £80) and Free TM Support and guidance for life.)
  • Ensure that meditation practice is regular, and activity smooth
  • Regularly attend Meditators’ Meetings and Retreats
  • Learn and practise Yoga Asanas and Pranayama if you haven’t already.
  • Attend the Siddhi course (two weeks in 3 parts) if not already a Siddha
  • Help at least two teachers with teaching a few times and sit in on the meetings

Attend an interview with a board of TM teachers;
Read all the prescribed key books on TM, making notes and bringing questions to meetings, retreats and the TTC course itself. One or two other preparatory meetings or weekends may be added according to our assessment of the group’s needs.
Residential training: (3 months full time, 7 days a week, on retreat, probably abroad, with extended group Siddhi practice and intensive multi-faceted teacher training to ensure professional skill and qualification.)
Cost of Course: around £10,000 at 2020 prices. Price in later years according to inflation