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Transcendental Meditation Newcastle

There are 4 ways you can learn Transcendental Meditation (which includes mindfulness) with the Meditation Trust as we currently have no local teacher in this area. You can:
1, Learn Residentially on Retreat – A very special way to learn, in the deep tranquillity of a Country Estate Retreat. Includes added extras!
2, Travel to Central London – conveniently close to the transport hubs of Kings Cross/St. Pancras and Victoria, and just 40 minutes from Heathrow and City airports. Learn with former NHS Psychologist Dr Gemma Beckley.
3, Have a private course in your home or nearby venue, at dates and times to suit you.
4, Have a Business Course in your workplace or as an ‘Away Weekend’ on retreat. The best investment – the ultimate stress-management course that increases your profits!

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I learned TM a few years ago not sure whether it would do anything for me. It did….. Highly recommended.
Liz, Newcastle upon Tyne
Thanks. Ten years on and still doing TM. It’s a gift I take with me everywhere.
Jane, Newcastle upon Tyne
I practice TM for what it is – a simple and effective deep relaxation technique which has profound health benefits and not some religious mumbo jumbo. I find TM a valuable tool to help me to glide through the stresses of everyday life.
Sue, Newcastle upon Tyne
Having a stressful job I realised I had to do something and decided on TM. For me it has been exceedingly useful and I can work much more effectively when I practise TM regularly. I find that my energy levels increase substantially and I feel more positive in myself and more in control of my life. I’ve also noticed a reduction in fatigue, better sleep and find I have more time for family and leisure. I think so many diseases nowadays are stress related and TM produces physiological changes which enable the body to cope with the stress of modern day life. Practice of TM could well lead to a reduction of drug medication especially in conditions like : asthma, duodenal ulcers, migraine etc
Dr Tony Shaw, GP, County Durham