Transcendental Meditation Kent

Transcendental Meditation Kent

Life is not always easy. Insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, smoking addiction, fatigue, high blood pressure, and more, can all result from chronic stress. Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a proven technique to alleviate stress and fatigue allowing the mind and body to return to a natural state of balance, energy and creativity. The many positive effects and benefits of Transcendental Meditation are profound.

TM is far more than just a relaxation technique. It is uniquely simple, effortless and natural, yet the results are more profound than the use of effort or control. Thus a few minutes of TM each day brings far greater results than hours invested in other approaches to meditation.
As we allow the mind to settle into stillness, the body gains very deep rest and releases accumulated stress and fatigue. This enables us to return to a state of peace and balance, energy and creativity, which will positively affect every area of life, as indicated by the vast body of research and testimonials. Read about the benefits of transcendental meditation here.
Learn to meditate in Kent
The beautiful county of Kent is home to two of the Meditation Trust’s most experienced teachers who are now also its teacher trainers – Colin Beckley, Trust founder; and his daughter Dr Gemma Beckley, Clinical Psychologist and clinical lead for the Trust’s charitable projects (see full details below). They run courses in both the East (Thanet) and West (Nr. Tonbridge) of the county, both non-residentially and in residence at the beautiful Oxon Hoath Country Estate retreat near Tonbridge, only 15 minutes from the M25.

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Where our TM courses are held in Kent

Transcendental mediation course Thanet (CT12)
Set in a convenient hotel location on the western edge of Thanet, the course is easily accessible to those also coming from Canterbury and surrounding towns and villages.
Transcendental mediation course Thanet
Learn Transcendental mediation on retreat at Oxon Hoath in Central Kent (nr Tonbridge)
Enjoy a very special experience of learning TM in the beautiful, tranquil country estate retreat of Oxon Hoath, which is deep in the heart of the Kent countryside.
From Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, this course offers the wonderful added extras of peaceful walks in the countryside, exquisite vegetarian meals, a free yoga posture session, extra knowledge meetings and personal time with your teacher (Gemma Beckley).
All of this adds to the already profound and comprehensive TM course, in a setting from which you are guaranteed to not want to leave!
Just 15 minutes from the M25, 45 minutes from London, 40 minutes from Gatwick and 1 hour from Heathrow.
Learn Transcendental mediation on retreat at Oxon Hoath
Read more about learning to meditate on retreat and the location of Oxon Hoath here.

The Transcendental Meditation Course structure

Typical Course Schedule as follows:
(Please note: start times vary by teacher and location, and will be confirmed upon booking.)
Personal Instruction, 1 hour by appointment, allow 1.5 hours
Sunday am
Group meeting one, Mid-morning, 2-2.5 hrs
Sunday pm
Group meeting two, Usually late afternoon, 2-2.5 hrs
Monday pm
Group meeting three, Evening, 2-2.5 hrs
Read more about what is involved in the Transcendental Meditation course here.

Transcendental Meditation Course Teachers in Kent

TM Teacher Colin Beckley
Colin Beckley
Colin first learned TM in 1982, and was so impressed with the results of his own personal practice that he immersed himself in the advanced TM programmes, and went on to complete his extensive TM teacher training, qualifying in 1990.
Alongside teaching TM Colin ran one of Maharishi’s Ayurveda health centres for five years. But, in 1999, when prices for learning TM were increased to £500 for everyone, whether rich or poor, he decided to leave the Maharishi organisation and founded the Meditation Trust charity, with the aim of making TM affordable for all.
Colin has taught many thousands all over the country to meditate, especially in London and Kent.
Transcendental Meditation Teacher Gemma Beckley
Dr Gemma Beckley
Gemma completed her teacher training in 2012, and since then has gained enormous experience teaching several thousand people from all walks of life.
She learned TM at the age of six, and whilst continuing her personal meditation practice, including many advanced courses, she also spent over 10 years training as a Clinical Psychologist. During that time, her Psychology undergraduate dissertation explored the effects of TM on occupational stress, and her thesis for her professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology explored the effects of TM on anxiety, depression and well being.
Working in the NHS for a number of years, she treated people with a variety of diagnoses using a range of psychological therapies, including mindfulness based CBT.
After feeling that much greater progress could be made if these modern psychological therapies were supported by Transcendental Meditation she completed her teacher training in the methods laid down by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Gemma now does most of her teaching in Central London and Medway, Kent.

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Reviews and Testimonials for the TM course in Kent

TM brings you face to face with the source of all that exists, the cause of all effects. I’ve been practising for twenty years, and it’s still hard to believe that something so simple can produce such profound results.
Nick Capocci, Musician, Margate.
After having read 100s of books and been on countless self development courses over the last 23 years, at the age of 45, stressed out, depressed, totally disillusioned with the world and at the brink of a nervous brake down, (even though I had everything a man could possibly want or need) out of desperation and as a last ditch attempt, I turned to the Meditation Trust, (because their fees are realistic and affordable)to learn TM.
The experience and simple effortless daily practice have been nothing short of transformational and life changing in every way. It has inspired me to take my life in a whole new direction and I now enjoy genuine deep inner peace, more understanding of self, the human condition and the world at large. Most importantly, I now have the tools to enhance and maintain my state and help others to find their way.

Julian Robus, Business Development Director, Romney Marsh.