The Meditation Trust

How to do Transcendental Meditation

The technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM) is not one of ‘doing’, it’s more about not doing.

Because the mind is always searching for happiness, and the ultimate happiness is found when the mind is silent, no effort is needed to make it settle (no matter how busy your mind!). Thinking a mantra innocently allows the mind the freedom to seek its own natural happiness. Any control or focussing by the meditator only gets in the way. Because of this lack of effort, it can be practised anywhere (even on busy public transport) by anyone of any background, education, beliefs (religious or otherwise).
You are not asked to give anything up or change your lifestyle in any way. You simply sit comfortably (most people prefer a chair) and close your eyes for up to 20 minutes, twice a day (the best investment you’ll ever make!).

Transcendental Meditation is very simple but as a result very subtle and delicate. It therefore cannot be learned from a book, DVD or online. Its effectiveness depends on the skilled instruction and guidance of a professionally qualified instructor who has meditated themselves for many years and undertaken extensive training, as directed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This, plus free support and guidance for life, provided by the Meditation Trust, will ensure correct practice.
Trying to take a shortcut to understanding will almost certainly end in disappointment. Because the simplicity of ‘doing nothing’ is contrary to everything else we ‘do’ in our lives, it is very easily misunderstood.

More than 50% of all new students come to learn Transcendental Meditation on the recommendation of their friends, family, doctor or therapist because of this effectiveness in the teaching process and the on-going support.
We teach how to do transcendental meditation – the course is taught in 4 simple steps over 3 or 4 days, leaving you with a skill of immeasurable value, which you can immediately practise on your own at home, secure in the knowledge that your teacher and other Trust teachers will be available to offer you free support and guidance for life to ensure that it works for you.

Excellent course. I’m amazed how simple and easy the technique is. I have a feeling of ‘coming home’ after many years of searching.” Gill Turner