Transcendental Meditation Experiences

What Experts say about the course

“In my early 20’s, I learned TM whilst at University, with wonderful results. The thought came to me that if I can gain so much from a meditation technique learned in the UK, surely if I go to its source in India I could learn the real thing and get even better results… I have recently returned home after 10 years touring India. I have visited every type of Ashram and learned meditations of every conceivable description – only to realise that by far the most powerful technique I have learned was here in England before I left – that’s the TM technique!”
JJ Marsden
“The decision to learn TM in 1976 was one of the most important of my life. In 1986 I qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher and currently teach full time. The two practices are an integral part of my life. TM brings unity and harmony directly to the mind in much the same way as Asanas do for the body. In every way they are highly complementary practices, each enhancing the other. TM is at the heart of what Yoga is about – ‘unity’.”
Lorraine McConnen
“I started yoga 40 years ago and for some 20 have trained candidates for the British Wheel of Yoga Teachers’ Diploma. I have studied or taught many different systems of meditation; with breathing, counting, visualisation, use of chanting and gongs, choosing one’s own English language mantra etc. It was only when I learnt TM with Colin that I have finally discovered the true benefits.”
John Davis, Former Vice-Chairman and Trustee of the British Wheel of Yoga, Author of ‘Yoga for You’, ‘Golden Book of Yoga Terms’ and ‘East Wind West Wind’
“Having tried meditation techniques, of which there are many offered in the teachings of Yoga, I struggled to find that place of stillness within myself. Not until I learned TM six years ago did I experience the simplicity of bliss. I had been trying too hard. Now I can gently be with my mantra and feel my body release the tensions of my day. TM is now part of my personal yoga practice.” Ruth Little BWYdip
“I started Buddhist Meditation 8 years ago at the age of 24 and practiced on and off for a few years along with Zen and Taoist contemplation and started TM about 8 months ago. I had read that TM was the original and most pure strand of meditation practice and Buddhist meditation was good but did not speak of higher states of consciousness. When I transcended very deeply straight away on the first day, which took me a long time to get even a glimpse of before, I knew this was right, logical and pure and this was for me. TM is now the only one I practice. Friends see that my mind is sharper, that I am always calm and peaceful and that my energies are endless and they now believe me when I tell them how TM allows the mind to return to the source of silence and stillness every day, increasing creativity and memory so much. Other benefits include greater insight, better vision, clearer skin, younger looking face and deep, deep sleep which I awake from refreshed. More patience, more time for people and overwhelming happiness. The benefits are really endless.”
Duncan Judd

Comments from new Meditators

I heard that TM could help me cope with life’s challenges and a hectic lifestyle (which was in my case being a full time working architect and mum of 3 daughters).
I started meditating in the 80s with the Maharishi movement in New York.
At the time, it helped me overcome an insomnia spell of many years. Five years later when I settled back in Spain I stopped meditating because it was difficult to keep it up without a support group.
Four years ago my youngest daughter (who remembered her own experience of meditating as a child), suggested that we together relearnt TM with the Meditation Trust. At the time, I was about to start chemotherapy for a Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was very upset about being so unwell and having to go through the palaver of a harsh treatment.
During the first year of TM practice, I did not feel significant changes but I enjoyed a peaceful state of mind despite the heavy side effects of chemotherapy. It was during the second year that I became aware of the powerful effects of TM. When I got quite unwell with pneumonia I was able to surrender. By then meditating helped me to be positive and calm. This helped me to overcome the illness and recover very quickly…
During my third year of TM practice I decided to stop using sleeping tablets and anti depressants. The funny part of all this process was that I never expected significant changes and all of them happened in a natural way. Those changes were a surprise to me. It was then that I realised that TM was an amazingly powerful tool that helped me to achieve a more positive frame of mind and a healthier body.
Actually, I guess that the alignment of the cells triggered by the meditation process resulted in behavioural and physical changes that went beyond all my expectations.
During this present year, my health HAS improved enormously which allowed me to take the Siddhi program. This more advanced program really helped me to complete my present recovery. THIS gave me not only a more resilient, calmer and positive approach towards life but made me feel happier than ever before.
Cata Denison
“An inspiring teacher can make any subject interesting, but an inspiring teacher and an inspiring subject – well, that was last weekend! I was rather concerned that I wouldn’t have the energy to attend all sessions, having had ME and being prone to big energy slumps. However, I did and actually didn’t feel remotely tired, quite the reverse! It seems almost too good to be true. I have read all the books – now it’s time to put it into practice. I’m very excited. I know I shall get some miraculous results. I already am!”
Carol Freeman
“Since the TM course two months ago, my life has been definitely challenged (so soon!!!) Among other things, I am shortly to undergo (minor) surgery for breast cancer. I just don’t know how I would have coped with this without the amazing strength and confidence that I seem to obtain from my meditation practice. I have come to the edge of fear and been comforted beyond understanding. I am constantly drawn into a deep sense of peace and can only feel that I was meant to meet you and receive this teaching to prepare me for this experience which I guess is another step on the Spiritual path.”
Ann Wilson
“I have experienced remarkable benefits pretty much from day one. Notably, my alcohol consumption has decreased dramatically, my sleep has improved and I am much more calm and relaxed. In addition, I have finally taken steps to make changes to my life that I have been putting off for ages. My wife says that the change in me has been amazing and that I am a completely different person to live with and to be around. She claims I am far more contented and happy, and a lot less argumentative. Hence her decision to want to learn TM for herself.”
Steve Martin
“Thank you for the incredible teaching that you have given me. It has already made such a remarkable and positive impact on my life. I have been trying so hard for so many years to make a connection and now I feel I have – and it feels as natural as walking. I feel this incredible sense of relief and peace. I especially appreciate the direct and non-esoteric way in which you explained everything – you made it fun.”
David Lever

Comments about the Course

“Fantastic – I feel as if my life has been handed back (no exaggeration!).”
Abigail Beale
“This is what I’ve been searching for for 10 years! Great!”
Jean Hills
“Much more practical and user-friendly than I had anticipated. Style relaxed and knowledgeable whilst giving space for us to develop.”
Steven Stonehouse
“It is almost as though some massive door has been unlocked and a whole new life is laid out ahead. We both look forward to the future meetings and group meditations.”
Jack & Kate Lee
“Powerful stuff! Did not expect that!”
Eileen Ward
“Very, very good. Just the improvement in my sleep is fantastic – and the feeling of inner peace and calm.”
Keith Barton
“Excellent, life-changing experience.”
Paul Armfield
“Wish I’d done it years ago.”
Paula Stevens
“A revelation! I feel much better in myself – more confident and definitely less stressed.”
Elizabeth Turner
“I found it very easy to follow. Tuition brilliant. I seem to be more aware of what is going on around me, and more tolerant.”
Joy Freeman
“Excellent course. I’m amazed how simple and easy the technique is. I have a feeling of ‘coming home’ after many years of searching.”
Gill Turner
“Absolutely brilliant and amazing. I feel I am starting a new life and looking forward to it instead of just crawling through each day.”
Sara Parsons
“Amazed at how simple the technique is. Surprised at the initial effects.”
Sandra Smith
“Excellent, a breakthrough, having tried Buddhist meditation and struggled, this really works. The theory also makes a great deal of sense.”
Jan Parker