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Transcendental Meditation Edinburgh

There are 4 ways you can learn Transcendental Meditation (which includes mindfulness) with the Meditation Trust as we currently have no local teacher in this area. You can:
1, Learn Residentially on Retreat – A very special way to learn, in the deep tranquillity of a Country Estate Retreat. Includes added extras!
2, Travel to Central London – conveniently close to the transport hubs of Kings Cross/St. Pancras and Victoria, and just 40 minutes from Heathrow and City airports. Learn with former NHS Psychologist Dr Gemma Beckley.
3, Have a private course in your home or nearby venue, at dates and times to suit you.
4, Have a Business Course in your workplace or as an ‘Away Weekend’ on retreat. The best investment – the ultimate stress-management course that increases your profits!

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I am still meditating every day and finding it really helpful, it’s one of the best things I ever did
Alison, Teacher, Edinburgh
…..I was in awe of the results that I received. It was a fantastic feeling to find a ‘tool’ that can be easily integrated into your daily life which can bring such relaxation to a stressful day!
Lee, Businessman, Scotland/Hongkong
My TM progress… So far I have not missed a single 20min session since taking your course (sometimes even pretending to ‘sleep’ while travelling on business with my director or meditating on the bus on my way to work). The biggest improvement has definitely been in my sleep, which has seen mostly an end to my earlier bouts of insomnia. My ability to focus has improved as well. Still waiting for the bliss, but am content with the deep relaxation it gives me.
John, Businessman, Edinburgh
…an excellent, well priced service, that has allowed me greater levels of relaxation then I had ever thought possible. I found the process to be so beneficial that I have referred many people…
Gary, Health professional, Edinburgh