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Transcendental Meditation Advanced Techniques

Whilst retreats are advanced courses in their own right (leading to heightened experiential and intellectual awareness), there are further steps you can take which will speed up your progress. They are not essential (you can continue with your original mantra and practice and gain enormous benefit). However, the transcendental meditation advanced techniques & Siddhi course will hasten beneficial results.

Transcendental Meditation Advanced Techniques

These are not really a “course” but a simple repetition of your TM instruction in which an addition is made to your mantra (not a change of your original mantra). The effect tends to be clearer and more extended periods of transcending (silence) which enhance and enrich meditation, speeding up the resulting growth and progress.
Transcendental Meditation advanced techniques are taught on certain days by your teacher, or at Oxon Hoath on weekend retreats, and may only be taken after two years of meditation, or two years since your advanced technique. Cost £90 
Note re. Advanced Techniques: Since Maharishi’s passing in 2008, his organisation has changed the type of advanced technique they offer. We, however, prefer to keep to the techniques that have served us well for decades, giving reliable and predictable benefits.


The Siddhi Course

Next Course: 2023
Location: Oxon Hoath Country Estate Retreat, Kent
Teacher: Colin Beckley
Requirements: 1 year of regular meditation and relatively smooth activity, a discussion with the teacher concerning your readiness, completion of Application Form and Retreat attendance.
Dates:  The course is in three phases (all residential):
13 – 17 January – Weekends 1 & 2: learning the first set of preparatory Sutras (3 x 2 ½ hr sessions) & the second set of prep. Sutras (3 x 2 ½ hr sessions)
2 – 9 February  – 1 Week “Flying” Course: The beautiful climax of the 3-stage course.
Cost: TBC
The Siddhi Programme is a natural extension of your meditation. With regular practice of TM you will have become familiar with the experience of transcending, settling from the surface, thinking level to experience more refined levels of thought, and sometimes the most refined level, the silent source of thought – pure consciousness. According to the Yoga tradition, Maharishi and the experiences of many meditators over thousands of years, this is the level (known today by scientists as the Unified Field) where Nature knows no restriction to its creativity, energy and intelligence.
The next phase of TM that you may have begun to notice is that these qualities of pure consciousness begin to be experienced in activity. The Siddhi programme, by applying the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, trains the mind to project thought from the silent level, accelerating the process by which the mind expresses its infinite potential. Thought becomes more effective and life-supporting, and scientific research has indicated improvements in creativity, IQ, reaction time, intelligence, perceptual ability, behavioural flexibility and reversal of ageing. EEG studies show that these correlate with an increase of coherence in brain functioning; the activity of the brain becomes more orderly.
This is most obvious in the Lightness Technique, one of the Siddhi techniques (sometimes called ‘yogic flying’) when coherence reaches a peak, and there is maximum integration between inner intelligence and its material expression, between mind and body. Therefore, in this state, the potentiality for spontaneous fulfilment of intention (support of Nature) is greater and the body may lift off the ground. Subjectively one experiences exhilaration, lightness and bliss. (“Flying” is actually something of a misnomer currently, as, until collective consciousness is purer, the experience is more “hopping” than flying – but it’s a great start!)
The practical results start immediately but usually subtly, with each of the sutras contributing to the overall effect, life becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling, at a faster rate. Noticing the spontaneous fulfilment of one’s life-supporting desires is a particular aspect of this. Furthermore, group Siddhi practice is even more powerful in its sociological effects than TM alone – research has repeatedly indicated its ability to stop wars and reduce crime. It should be noted, of course, that the practice of TM and the Siddhis is not one of ‘acquiring powers’, but an offering of innocent attention and co-operation to the power of Nature within us all.

“I really cannot say in words how the Siddhis have helped my life. I laugh and smile to myself; I feel alive with energy I can only say is coming from my source. It has brought more meaning to my life and everything has become more real.” L.S

If you are considering applying for the Siddhi course, you should first think about adding yoga postures or stretching (10 minutes) and pranayama breathing (2-5 minutes) to your twice-daily programme of meditation. This is recommended anyway for everyone to speed up progress and will take your total time up to 45 minutes (including 10 mins rest). The Siddhi programme will add 20 mins of extra techniques and 15 mins of extra rest, making a full programme of 1 hour 20mins. Of course, you don’t have to do the full programme, but if you do you will get the maximum benefit.
Although films and photos always show people in ‘lotus’ position, this is because they choose the most elegant professional meditators for the photos. You should not be concerned about performing contortions, and neither weight nor flexibility are factors. Most people practise with legs crossed. We know one who does it in a wheelchair!
For any further questions or to discuss your readiness for the Siddhi course with the teacher, Please contact us.

“The siddhis has brought a calmness and inner contentment that I never thought possible. Life continues to have its ups and downs, but where in the past the downs could potentially become big and ugly affairs, they now barely register. It is a beautiful programme for sure and one I would encourage all to undertake it as a natural progression from TM. ” Andre