Transcendental Meditation retreat

Transcendental Meditation Advanced Retreats

We offer advanced retreats and courses to all who have completed the Transcendental Meditation (TM) course with us.  If you learned TM with the Maharishi Foundation or Vedic Meditation network we welcome you to join the Trust  and once a member you’ll be able to join our events.
If you are new to TM and would like to learn TM on retreat, we usually offer the TM course for new learners alongside the advanced retreat on the dates below. Learn Transcendental Meditation on Retreat

Once you have been learned TM and have been practising regularly for a few months, your meditation and activity afterwards are comfortable, and hopefully you have attended a few meditators’ meetings to keep your understanding of the practice on track, you’ll be welcome on one of our weekend retreats.

TM advanced retreats are the next big step forward in your meditation practice and are proving extremely popular with those who want to speed up their progress and enjoy the most relaxing weekend ever!

Our retreats are held at Oxon Hoath Country Estate Retreat near Tonbridge, which is warmly appreciated for its quiet atmosphere, beautiful grounds and delightful vegetarian food, (three plentiful meals a day). Oxon Hoath is only 15 minutes drive from the M25 yet deep in tranquil countryside.

Alongside Weekend Retreats a Course of Instruction in Transcendental Meditation will be taught by Dr. Gemma Beckley. Participants in this will gradually join group meditations with experienced Retreat participants during the weekend. So you can now bring your non-meditating friends to a Retreat and joyfully watch them become meditating friends!

Arrive Friday afternoon for two meditations before dinner and leave at teatime on Sunday. Extended meditation in the group or ’rounding’ on your own if you prefer.  Optional 1 hour yoga class with qualified instructor and pranayama, plus meetings and discussions, and walking in the wonderful grounds and beautiful surrounding countryside. A structured programme which you can follow or not, according to your mood, including a “quiet day” on Saturday, when we talk as little as possible in the house outside the meetings, adding a whole new dimension to our experience! Meet lots of new meditating friends and gain the results of 3 months’ meditation in just one weekend (according to Maharishi)!
Location: Oxon Hoath, Hadlow, nr Tonbridge, Kent TN11 9SS
Cost (2023): For experienced meditators: 2-night’s full board accommodation starting from £290 fully inclusive.  For new learners taking the TM course on retreat: accommodation plus the TM course fee.

Transport: Easily accessible by train from Charing Cross, London to Tonbridge. If you would like to share a taxi from the station with others on the retreat then let us know upon booking and we will connect you.

Dates for 2023
30 June - 2 July RETREAT, Open to ALL
1 - 3 September RETREAT, Open to ALL
3 - 5 November RETREAT, Open to ALL
Dates for 2024
5-7 January RETREAT, Open to ALL
1-3 March RETREAT, Open to ALL
10-12 May RETREAT, Open to ALL
5-7 July RETREAT, Open to ALL
6-8 September RETREAT, Open to ALL
1-3 November RETREAT, Open to ALL

“It was my first retreat and I absolutely loved it. I have been meditating for over 12 months now and found the deep rest of the meditation combined with the tranquil surroundings nourishing and I now feel ready to face the world!” Tom Scott

As a courtesy to the Maharishi Foundation, we point out that we have made some additions to the basic retreat format recommended by Maharishi. Instead of Yoga Postures demonstrated to you by a TM teacher, usually not qualified to teach Hatha Yoga, we employ a fully qualified and insured professional posture teacher to give you a free 1 hour Yoga posture sessions during a weekend retreat. We also allow meditators to meditate as a group in the library, instead of ’rounding’ alone in their bedroom. But the meditator is free to choose. Most prefer the group. We allow experienced meditators, if they prefer, to choose to do extra ’rounds’ instead of attending all the meetings, provided they carefully monitor their feelings and discuss any discomfort with the course leader. We have added a ‘quiet day’ on Saturday when talking in the house is discouraged. This adds a significant depth, enjoyment and strength of progress which participants find extremely valuable.

“I loved the retreat last weekend at Oxon Hoath. It’s my fourth retreat in the last year and each time I love them more and more. I’ve struggled keeping up my daily meditation practice but when I’m at the retreats it feels like the most amazing, life affirming, important thing I do.” Harry Smith