Private Transcendental Meditation Courses

The Meditation Trust is happy to provide a course at a time and location to suit you – whether in your own home or your favourite retreat, in the UK or abroad.

However, transcendental meditation instruction on all courses is personal, on a one-to-one basis on the first day. In the group meetings that follow over the next two or three days, the larger the group, the broader and more lively your understanding will be of the process of meditation and the various experiences that can come from it. We therefore strongly recommend that you consider the possibility of joining one of our standard residential or non-residential courses as they will be potentially more beneficial for you. However, if you particularly want a private course, we recommend that you invite your friends or family to join you. Alternatively we can assist you in organising a public course locally.

The private course price of £3,900 (except in cases of severe disability accompanied by financial hardship) covers up to 16 participants, so potentially costing around £240 each. The Trust will also charge for reasonable travel and accommodation expenses by agreement.
In a case of financial hardship, accompanied by a disability which prevents you leaving your home, we will discuss an appropriate course fee with you.

“I wish I had found out about this years ago. Meditating helps me to be calm and go down to stiller and quieter waters. The best money we have ever spent.” Sarah Kirley

Free Introductory Brochure

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