Learn Transcendental Meditation

Learn Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is taught in a comprehensive structured course during which you will gain the ability to practice the technique correctly and effortlessly on your own.

For the convenience of participants learning transcendental meditation the course is usually taught over three consecutive days, normally a weekend, which allows time to gain the experience upon which full understanding can be built.
After learning TM, you will continue to benefit from free lifetime support from The Meditation Trust in your development of meditation practise.
You can learn Transcendental Meditation in the following ways:

  • Non-residentially – at a convenient location near you (see below)
  • Residentially on Retreat – at a beautiful mansion in tranquil countryside close to London
  • Private courses – times and location to suit you
  • Business courses – the most effective stress management programme with cumulative results
Non-residential courses
Typical Course Schedule (start times vary by teacher and location)
Personal Instruction 1 hour by appointment allow 1.5 hours
Sunday am
Group meeting 1 Mid-morning 2-2.5 hrs
Sunday pm
Group meeting 2 Usually late afternoon 2-2.5 hrs
Monday pm
Group meeting 3 Evening 2-2.5 hrs

Courses are held at venues throughout the UK, conveniently fitting around usual working hours.
Start times will vary depending on teacher and location.
Actual start times will be confirmed on booking.

Personal Instruction: by appointment

In this session you learn on a one-to-one basis with your instructor because experiences and requirements vary and may need further explanation.
The key to TM is the passing on of a mantra (sound) in the same way as it has been passed down for thousands of years in the yoga tradition. This starts with a short ceremony chanted in Sanskrit, the language of yoga, in gratitude (not worship as in religion) from the teacher to the tradition, which you just watch. This settles the atmosphere and produces a deep level of silence in the teacher, enabling the mantra to be passed on in just the right way to ensure effectiveness of teaching. After some time meditating under the instruction of your teacher, you will be given the experience of meditating on your own for a short time to build your confidence, and the session ends with further one to one discussion with your teacher.
You then know enough to go home and practise on your own, morning and evening. However, experiences at home will vary, bringing up questions and doubts in your mind. You therefore return with everyone else who learned on the first day for three group sessions of up to 2.5 hours each.

First Group Meeting: Verifying Correct Practice

This and the following meetings build up your understanding and confidence by reference to the group’s experiences in and out of meditation (you don’t have to speak if you don’t want to!). You will learn how to recognise correct practice, and practical details such as how to begin and end meditation, when best to meditate, when you can do extra, and how to deal with noise or disturbances.

Second Group Meeting: Understanding the Mechanics of Meditation

This session is for most people a major break-through as you begin to understand the intimacy of the mind/body connection, how accumulated stress and tension is released from the nervous system and the effect of this on mental experience. The role of thoughts in meditation begins to be understood, leading to enhancement of experience and satisfaction.

Third Group Meeting: Developing Higher States of Consciousness – The Spiritual Mechanics of Nature

Again with reference to our experiences, we examine the cumulative benefits of effortless yogic meditation in terms of the development of our full human potential (“enlightenment”). We begin to discover the wonderful truth of who we really are according to Yoga, and how Nature’s invincible force of evolution will support our every thought and action and the effortless fulfillment of our deepest desires if we allow it to happen.

Follow-up: Free Support and Guidance for Life

Although you can practise on your own at home, to gain maximum enjoyment and progress we recommend you stay in touch with us. We’ll help you with free group meditation meetings, as well as retreats and advanced courses, not forgetting the all-important personal support and guidance from our team of fully qualified and experienced teachers, FREE – for life!
Image used above by kind permission (and copyright) of Spirit Destiny Magazine and Laura Ashman.

I wish I had found out about this years ago. Meditating helps me to be calm and go down to stiller and quieter waters. The best money we have ever spent.” Sarah Kirley

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