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Group Meditations

Meeting up to meditate with others in your area can enhance your experience

Mentally, as our awareness expands it is important that our intellectual understanding also expands so that we feel comfortable with our experiences. Meetings with teachers present, help with this. Where no teacher is present, as with the group meditations listed below, you are asked not to discuss subjective meditation experiences. Wrong interpretations can be made even by experienced meditators!
Psychologically, it’s uplifting to feel the support and companionship of a group, and to know that you are not the only one meditating in your area!
Most important of all, is what scientists refer to as “the group dynamics of consciousness“. The coherence of individual minds creates a group coherence that helps everyone transcend more deeply and so speeds up our progress as a result.

As an experienced TM meditator you are very welcome, and encouraged, to set up a group meditation in your area – please discuss it with us (email or call) and we will promote it for you (see below)

Group Meditations around the UK

New Milton, Nr Ringwood, Hants
For regular local meetings, ring Philomena Hayward on 01425 612781
Chester, Cheshire
Monthly meetings
For details contact Romey: or 01244 370 641
Margate, Kent
Monthly meetings
For details contact Debbie: or 07837 793903
Falmouth/Helston, Cornwall
Natural Therapy Practice, Falmouth
For regular, local meetings contact Wayne: or: 077890 00769

Hold Group Meditations in your home

If there is no Meditators’ Meetings with a teacher or Group Meditations near you, why not start to host your own or get together with others to do so? Strengthen your meditation practice and create a beautiful atmosphere in your Home!
Please contact us to organise a group meeting…
We do not publish your address on the website (unless you wish), so preserving your privacy.
I have found these gatherings enormously enjoyable. The power of the group certainly applies, whether it is two or ten or twenty. A great stillness seems to come down on us, and there is absolute silence for the twenty minutes. Everyone feels totally at ease and relaxed, and finds the practice so much easier in a group. Also it is very empowering – we need to do this, and adding the support of each other makes it such a good and pleasant thing to do. Occasionally, following the meditation and a rest afterwards, we share how we felt the practice went, and sometimes air a few problems – or joys – that crop up. We all know that if there are any real problems, then we can phone our teacher for support.
Philomena Hayward, New Forest (Monthly meetings)
Please note: Where no TM teacher is present, you are asked not to discuss subjective meditation experiences. Wrong interpretations can be made even by experienced meditators – with the best of intentions!
If you have any queries, please come to a Meditators’ Meeting (with a teacher) or contact your teacher or Trust director.

“The Environment of a group meditation allows you to go deeper into Meditation. Since attending I have noticed my practise develop, enjoying changes to both mind and body. The people I met there have been extremely generous and supportive for which I thank them all.” Natalie