Charitable Projects

The Trust has established in its first two decades of operations a first class reputation for effective teaching of TM and offering long-term support to thousands of individuals and families from every part of society, at the lowest prices in Europe.

The addition of a Bursary Fund established by our experienced meditators, grateful for the benefits they have experienced, has greatly increased our ability to help those on the lowest incomes.
We have now begun to reach out also to other charities and organisations which help those with particular problems who would benefit significantly from TM practice. Courses have been completed in schools and a continuing project with the Kids Company charity in London is helping young people from very disadvantaged backgrounds.

Special Charitable Courses

  • We are keen to hear from more organisations helping youth, disadvantaged groups or health charities who would like us to provide special training.
  • We are also keen to hear from potential donors or facilitators who wish to support this kind of socially reconstructive project. Stress is at the root of all personal and social problems and Transcendental Meditation is the ultimate antidote. Self-knowledge, the experience of inner silence, is one thing that can significantly help those addicted to self-abusive or anti-social behaviour or recovering from illness, abuse or trauma. It also increases the ability of participants to concentrate, understand and benefit from other therapeutic approaches.

Creation of a Therapeutic Community

Those who have felt the effects of joining one of our groups of 50 on our weekend retreats, or groups of many hundreds at times, know from personal experience that the potential exists to create, with TM, a very special state of group consciousness; a therapeutic state of peace, harmony, creativity and health, that powerfully benefits the individuals involved.
We would like to establish in the UK over the next 10-20 years an eco-village/co-housing project where:

  1. Meditators can come to live and experience this highly valuable improvement in quality of life. Housing of all types will be built, to make joining the community a financially realistic aspiration.
  2. With a meditation hall for maybe 500 or so, it will also provide a retreat centre for other meditators to visit for a few days, a month or a year to relieve home or work pressures, to have a taste of what life can be like as a result of extended group meditation and to return to “normal” life recharged and invigorated.
  3. Individuals and groups with significant life challenges/health problems will be invited to learn Transcendental Meditation in the supportive community environment, including the daily presence of TM teachers to provide as much one-to-one support as may be needed in particular cases. Along with this will be other health professionals to create a fusion of ancient Eastern practices with modern medical expertise. Young students will also have the opportunity to learn other life skills from community members and other invited specialists in this uniquely healing and supportive environment.

This will be a separately-funded charitable project from the teaching and anyone, meditator or not, who feels able to help either financially or with expertise or enthusiasm, would be most welcome.

Help Others & Support The Trust