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Mindfulness & Transcendental Meditation with Dr Gemma Beckley

The relationship between Mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation explained. Interview with Dr Gemma Beckley, Clinical Psychologist and Independent Teacher of Transcendental Meditation

Mindfulness & Transcendental Meditation with Julian Robus

Transcendental Meditation and Mindfulness. TM meditator and mindfulness coach Julian Robus explains his experience of practicing both techniques and describes the relationship between them.

What is Transcendental Meditation?

What is Transcendental Meditation? Explained in this video. Interviews with Colin Beckley, founder of the Meditation Trust and Dr Gemma Beckley, Clinical Psychologist and Independent teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Meditators share their experiences of what TM means to them.

Experiences of Transcendental Meditation

Nine meditators discuss their experiences of Transcendental Meditation.

About Transcendental Meditation, Interview with Colin Beckley

About Transcendental Meditation, interview with Colin Beckley, Founder of the Meditation Trust

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