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In support of those who have suffered the effects of trauma

We would like to offer Transcendental Meditation to those who suffer the effects of trauma. Studies show potential effectiveness of TM for alleviating symptoms of PTSD. This occurs through the provision of deep rest during meditation which neutralizes accumulated stress in the physiology.

Overcoming Illness with TM

Five years ago Donald McBride worked 70 hours a week and never saw his wife and baby. One day he was driving home from work when he suffered a panic attack with heart flutters and severe pains across his chest and arms.

A Cynic Tests Transcendental Meditation

Following a feature on work-related stress in The Journal newspaper’s Northern Business, journalist Peter Jackson examined the growing popularity of Transcendental Meditation as a business tool for stress relief. To test its effectiveness he volunteered for TM training and a series of three follow-up reports over three months. Report One – Just after learning I’m
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