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Meditation In Management

For many managers to whom I talked TM evidently improved not only their sense of awareness about what had to be done and what was largely unnecessary, but also their ability to cope with excessively heavy work loads. ‘I learned to concentrate properly for the first time in my life,’ says a director of a

How to Transcend a Stressful Lifestyle

For many hard-pressed executives work is ruling their lifestyle: laptops feature in bedrooms and mobiles interrupt Sunday lunch. But many business leaders have begun to search for a less stressful way of working that does not adversely affect their managerial competence. Several executives are taking the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to their hearts and

The Office Mantra

If your boss sits in the office with his eyes shut, it doesn’t mean he’s nodding off. Transcendental Meditation is the latest craze for high-fliers. Lorraine Hickey. 33. Chief executive of a West End asset management company has been doing TM for a year: “I was working long hours and was very stressed at the
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