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Getting Started with a Meditation Practice

I now realise that all the other practices I have explored along the way have been in preparation for TM. This effortless technique is the most profound I have come across to date; yet, it is so easy that anyone can do it. Before you can get started with establishing a daily practice, certain common myths about meditation need to be dispelled:

Transcendental Meditation Tried and Tested

Could transcendental meditation help frazzled commuter Emma Tuzzio cope better with the stresses of life? Intrigued by all the hype, Emma wanted to see whether it could help reduce her stress and anxiety levels, exasperated by a long commute to work, juggling two jobs and a house move on the cards.

How to Rediscover Spontaneous Happiness…

Do you remember your early childhood, when you were naturally happy and carefree – at least for a while – for no apparent reason? And a few people have experienced something far more than just everyday happiness; a spontaneously emerging inner bliss so profound and fulfilling that it created a deep peace, freedom, fulfilment and self-confidence that has never diminished.

How meditation can help you cope with Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Good tidings to all men. Goodwill, peace and love. This is how Christmas is supposed to be. But, in reality shopping, cooking, dealing with relatives and overexcited children all equates to stress overload and anxiety. Christmas is stressful – it’s official.
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