Transcendental Meditation

After learning to meditate

Once you have completed a TM course we strongly encourage you to make full use of our continuing support in addition to your own daily practice. With access to free group meetings and meditations (currently online), you will gain a richer experience and get the most out of your meditation. The benefits go far beyond what most of us imagine just after learning, and being among a community of meditators will help you get the best out of your practice.

The benefits of your membership with the Meditation Trust include:

  • Free lifetime support and guidance, which includes all of the following at no extra cost:
  • Local group meditations, organised by Meditators or Siddhas, without a TM teacher present (these are currently on hold due to covid, but will be running when the restrictions are all lifted and our venues are once again accepting groups).
  • Meditators’ meetings with an accredited TM teacher. Two group meditations, discussion of experiences and advice from the teacher plus insight into the depth of Maharishi’s revolutionary and powerful teachings, currently on Zoom.
  • Telephone contact with an accredited TM teacher if you have queries about your meditation and are unable to get to meetings.
  • Personal checking of your meditation practice available by phone with a teacher if you feel the group checking and discussion has not been enough to help you with any difficulties.

You also have access to our full range of excellent value programmes and advanced courses that will significantly speed up the results you are experiencing from your meditation – see below.

If you have learned Transcendental Meditation with the Maharishi Foundation or the Vedic Meditation network you are very welcome to join the Meditation Trust here, as many others already have and benefit from our lifetime membership.

You can also take part in the following programmes (paid) that will significantly enhance your enjoyment and evolution:

“After practicing TM for 10 months, group meditations have become a vital part of my progress. With the support of the group I experience deeper, more powerful meditations which enhances the benefits, providing a highlight in the normal pattern of meditating alone. I wholeheartedly recommend group meditations to all meditators.” Azra